Signs the Car's Transmission Needs Servicing

If you notice one or more of the following with your transmission, schedule your service appointment with UA Auto Sales as soon as possible.
  1. If the transmission indicator light on the dash is lit, it means something is wrong and it needs to be inspected quickly.
  2. Drips of transmission fluid in the driveway are an indication of a bag gasket or trouble elsewhere with the transmission.
  3. If you smell something burning from the area of the transmission, this should be a serious concern and the car needs to get on the lift before things get worse and the transmission is fried.
  4. If you are driving and the car is no longer responsive to when you hit the gas, it is time to have the transmission looked at.
Bring your vehicle to UA Auto Sales and we can drain the transmission fluids, change the filter, and give all the internal parts a good visual inspection.
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