Strong Belts And Hoses Keep A Car Performing Well

The belts and hoses found under your car’s hood are some of the most vital parts of its engine. They are made of specially manufactured rubber that can withstand extreme heat and internal pressure. Belts and hoses are responsible for many functions. They route fluids, help control heating and cooling systems, and keep lubricants flowing well.

Over time, belts and hoses can become worn. Accumulating miles in places like Vineland tests the integrity of these parts. The rubber walls can become rigid, frayed at the ends, and cracked. Things like serpentine belts can wear if other engine parts like water pump pulleys do not torque properly.

If there is a sudden change in your vehicle’s performance, or you notice dashboard indicator lights coming on, take it to the team at UA Auto Sales. They can determine if hoses and belts need to be replaced. They can also provide information about spotting belt and hose problems in the future.
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