Warranty Information

?There are so many different factors to consider when you are shopping for a new vehicle here at UA Auto Sales. You have to love the styling on the vehicle both inside and out. Then you can focus on how much power you get under the hood, what technology is included and how safe a vehicle is. Something many people neglect to ask about is the warranty that comes with a vehicle. This is important information because it will provide you with the coverage that you need in case something is wrong with your vehicle. Powertrain warranties and bumper to bumper warranties are two coverages that come with the majority of new vehicles. Let's take a closer look.

A powertrain warranty is important because this is coverage that kicks in if there is anything wrong with your engine, transmission, etc. The coverage itself lasts for many years. For most manufacturers, you can see coverage provided for as many as ten years.

A bumper to bumper coverage takes care of anything else in your vehicle like technology, interior fabric and glass.



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