How to Jump Start Another Car Safely

To jump-start one car with the assistance of another car, be sure to have gloves, glasses, wire brush, and jumper cables.

Get the cars close to one another, open the hoods and turn off that engine. Put on the glasses and gloves, then use the wire brush to remove that corrosion on the battery.

The two red jumper cables go to the positive ends of the batteries, dead battery then good battery. The two black jumper cables go to negative ends of good battery and then on any metal surface of the dead battery car. Start the one car and…
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Common Misconceptions About Motor Oil

When it comes to motor oil, there are probably many things that you have heard that may not be true. At UA Auto Sales serving Vineland, we want you to keep your car in tiptop shape, which is why we have summarized a few common motor oil myths below.

Many people feel that if their motor oil is black, it needs to be changed. However, this isn't the case. When motor oil is black, it means that it is doing its job of filtering contaminants out of your engine. Another myth that surrounds motor oil is that you won…

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Warranty Information

?There are so many different factors to consider when you are shopping for a new vehicle here at UA Auto Sales. You have to love the styling on the vehicle both inside and out. Then you can focus on how much power you get under the hood, what technology is included and how safe a vehicle is. Something many people neglect to ask about is the warranty that comes with a vehicle. This is important information because it will provide you with the coverage that you need in case something is wrong with your vehicle. Powertrain warranties and bumper to…
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Automobile Battery Testing Guide

Automobile battery tests are important because the procedures that are implemented during the testing process help motorists determine whether or not battery cells are charged or drained. In order to tackle a battery maintenance project like a pro, you'll need a voltmeter and gloves. The voltmeter can have an analog or digital design. However, the gloves must be made of rubber, as this material doesn't conduct electricity.

Begin the testing process by shutting off all vehicle lights. Then, grab the cables that are connected to the voltage and attach them to the battery.


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Simple and Effective Car Detailing Tips

These car detailing tips brought to you by your friends at UA Auto Sales should help you keep your car cleaner and protect your investment.

One of the ways to get the car interior spotless is to slide the front seats all the way to the front and to the back. Each time you move the seats, you'll have more access to the dirt and debris that is trapped on the floors just under those seats.

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What is the Best Tire to Buy During the Summer Season?

Now that summer is here, auto owners looking at purchasing new tires for their vehicle have a choice to make- do they opt for summer tires or all-season tires? Both have positive attributes. Some factors should be taken into consideration when determining what would be the best fit.

Summer tires, also known as performance tires, are excellent in hot, dry conditions, as well as for wet traction and precise handling. 

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Premier financing at UA Auto Sales

Interested in buying a quality used car but slightly concerned about the financial aspect? Don't fret, UA Auto Sales offers drivers in and around Vineland, NJ and Deptford, NJ premier financing that doesn't break the bank.

Our dealership works with varying credit histories as well as several lenders, which means we're confident that we can get you approved for a loan and on the move with

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Find your dream used car at UA Auto Sales

Here at UA Auto Sales, we work hard to be Vineland and Deptford, NJ's premier used car dealership. We take pride in offering Vineland and Deptford area drivers a wide variety of high quality used cars for prices that our competition can't match.

ance and value.
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Strong Belts And Hoses Keep A Car Performing Well

The belts and hoses found under your car’s hood are some of the most vital parts of its engine. They are made of specially manufactured rubber that can withstand extreme heat and internal pressure. Belts and hoses are responsible for many functions. They route fluids, help control heating and cooling systems, and keep lubricants flowing well.

Over time, belts and hoses can become worn. Accumulating miles in places like Vineland tests the integrity of these parts. The rubber walls can become rigid, frayed at the ends, and cracked. Things like serpentine belts can...

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Signs the Car's Transmission Needs Servicing

If you notice one or more of the following with your transmission, schedule your service appointment with UA Auto Sales as soon as possible.
  1. If the transmission indicator light on the dash is lit, it means something is wrong and it needs to be inspected quickly.
  2. Drips of transmission fluid in the driveway are an indication of a bag gasket or trouble elsewhere with the transmission.
  3. If you smell something burning from the area of the transmission, this should be a serious concern and the car needs to get on the lift before things get worse and the transmission is…
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